The American Dream In Goodfellas

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The American Dream The American Dream is achieving your dreams and goals without any consideration for the law or other people. The only people you put before yourself is the people who are above you. This is the moral of Martin Scorsece’s “Goodfellas” a movie about a Henry Hill a man who achieves his dreams of becoming a gangster and not living the life his father lived in their working class neighborhood in Brooklyn. The film starts with a car driving down the side of the road, we cut to three men in the car who hear a loud noise, and pull over, open the trunk to stab a man who they thought they had previously killed. After this scene we close up on one the gangster’s faces, which opens with his narraration “As far back as I remember I always wanted to be a gangster”. The movie then cuts to the title screen playing Tony…show more content…
He has a closes circle of friends that are like a second family to him. The movie primarily revolves around Henry and two of his “wise guy friends”, Jimmy Conway and Tommy DeVito, played by Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci respectively. Tommy is a straight psychopath compared to Jimmy who is just doing his job. Tommy kills a “made” man for making fun of his shoe shining job in his younger days, and kills a bar boy for saying “F—k you” to him after Tommy was harassing him. Jimmy is veteran criminal who can’t become a “made” man due to his Irish heritage, something with whom he shares with Henry. A made man is among the highest honors a “wise guy” can receive, it gives them their own diplomatic immunity. They can’t be “whacked” by another “wise guy” unless they are given permission. This starts problems when Tommy kills a “made” man as mentioned above named Billy Batts. We learn that later in the film that the man killed in the beginning of the film is Batts. Tommy is later executed by the mob for Batts death, while Tommy is tricked into becoming a “made”

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