The American Dream By Barbara Ehrenreich Summary

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After purchasing this book, I read the back of the cover and was intrigued and interested by the noble idea Barbara Ehrenreich sets out to investigate –the many trials and tribulations of low-income workers in America. It’s easy to watch any mainstream television show such as “The OC,” and get a false perception of the American Dream. But rarely do people get to see the true American Dream – Joe the Plumber, err… Landscaper, making minimum wage and trying to keep his 1983 Honda Accord running properly day after day, all while trying to scrounge up enough money to make his monthly rent. With that being said, I believe that anyone can overcome economical difficulties, if they put forth the hard work and manage their budget correctly. Ehrenreich’s egotistical perceptions compromised her investigation, and failed to change my opinion on poverty and prosperity. Ehrenreich made an excellent point on how tough it is to endure all of the hidden cost with living expenses. She noted low-income workers have a tough time…show more content…
I take pride in what I do, and I do it well. It’s teaching me responsibility and giving me invaluable life experiences. It appeared Ehrenreich hates any type of management, and despises the “master/slave” concept that plagues most work environments. She felt that it was dehumanizing to be on her knees, and cleaning another person’s floor. Unfortunately, no matter what social class one is pegged to, the “master/slave” concept will always apply – it’s just that the extra money helps one cope with the concept. Pro athletes are slaves to their respective fans and owner; Police Chiefs are slaves to their community and the city council; and Ehrenreich is a slave to her publisher and her
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