The American Dream: Before It Was for Everyone Essay

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The American Dream: Before it was for Everyone The American Dream; the most sought after goal of everyone in the U.S. was once not a dream made available for everyone. The house, car, loving family and financially stable lifestyle danced in the faces of those who could not obtain it. The desire, the hunger for more than what society had made available for them caused by oppression depicted the lifestyle of African American men and women, more prominently in the south. In the autobiographical novel, Black Boy, author Richard Wright depicts his account of the metaphorical hunger African Americans experienced as they strived for the American Dream. This o so amazing dream, a dream society portrayed as universally obtainable explicitly excluded those it did not deem worthy. The American Dream: the single most sought after dream of everyone in the U.S. only catered to those with no color in their skin- the white people of America. “To the whites, the ‘American Dream’ meant things like having a god job and living in a nice house. These seemingly simple desires were not easy for African Americans” (Hinds 41-42). The American Dream did not exist for African Americans. In a society which culture is surrounded by the idea of racial inequality, African Americans were explicitly denied the finer things. Having a good job and a nice home was gold to African Americans. Most would be lucky to even have a home let alone a good job. This is the description of the opposite of the American Dream: American Hunger. Yearning for the American Dream, despite their knowledge of not being able to obtain it because of the color of their skin and not the content of their character. Being an African American, Wright was forced to live the American Hunger lifestyle. “Wright… hungered for a fully human experience. He felt that as an African American man from the south, being

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