The American Dream and Ted Turner

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Ted Turner and the American Dream The American Dream started when the pilgrims came to America to start a new life for themselves. They came to make new opportunities, start their families and begin something fresh. Even without people relocating, that same dream is still around today. My definition of the American Dream is that you can make a name and a living for yourself in America, and be independent in supporting yourself. Ted Turner exemplifies the American dream. The American Dream is defined by people immigrating into America to make a better lifestyle for themselves and better lives for their families. America has many more job opportunities to offer than most other countries, and the demand for jobs is high (Washington Post). This was the exact same way with the pilgrims coming to the “New World” to make a new life for themselves. They came for new job opportunities, to make names for themselves in the new world, and to establish themselves and their family’s lifestyles. Robert Cornwell from Independent Magazine said, “We must all work for the dream, it is not just handed to us.” This means that even though the American dream is what everyone wants to achieve, you actually have to work at it. In our current society, many people expect things to be given and not have to work for them. They complain about having no money and no support, but they won’t go out and find a job with that kind of attitude. Small businesses make the American Dream come alive. They make people have to really work to get what they want, which is success. Entrepreneurs throw their whole life into their business so that they can say they’ve accomplished something that they really wanted. They have to put all of their own money and time into making a profit. They risk everything. Ted Turner’s accomplishments have changed Georgia broadcasting and television all over the
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