The American Dream and How Fast Food Nation Supports the Answer Essay

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Fast Food Nation I think the American Dream is being successful through diligent work. Not necessarily being rich and famous, but comfortable in your place. Like you know where you are and you know you can be better, or worse, but you would rather stay where you are. I think it’s a fact of being happy and proud of yourself and how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. Achieving the American Dream is a fact of being happy or not being happy. Some people who worked hard in of search for the American Dream are Ray Kroc and Dave Feamster. Ray Kroc was in business with the McDonalds, who didn’t do most of the work. They gave him money to help him start his business and in favor gained rights and were able to name it. “Kroc was an inspiring, paternalistic figure who looked for people with “common sense,” “guts and staying power,” and “a love of hard work. (Schlosser 95)” Though the Mcdonalds received money, rights and recognition, Kroc has what he really wanted, success. Dave Feamster was $200,000 in debt. He worked day and night working to get to what he wanted. “Despite all the hard work, the future success of Feamster’s business is by no means guaranteed. (103)” Though it took him a while he finally succeeded. Success is never guaranteed and some people never reach their goal. As long as you continue to work until you’ve either succeeded or died you will feel the essence of the American

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