The American Dream Essay

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Joe Reich 12/15/10 Teacher Subject The American dream is a concept that varies from person to person based on what they want out of coming to this country. America was founded on freedom and independence in 1776 when we won the revolutionary war. Back in this simple time all of the colonists wanted were to be free and be able to have rule over themselves. If the outcome of the war was in favor of England the American dream as we know and understand it would not exist today. The two main components that make up this great country are freedom and opportunity. “For the land of the free and the home of the brave.” The last line of the national anthem is a good way to sum up what America is all about. In other countries people are not free from rule of their government and can never get anywhere in life when the government is designed to keep its people down. For the Jewish immigrants that came to America in the 1900’s, they were trying to escape the horrific chaos that Europe was in and came to America with the dream that they could be treated equal to everyone else. Hitler, who blamed the Jews as the sole cause of one nation’s downfall helped the Jewish people to view America as a safe place to go to avoid death and torture. They left their respective countries with their families and nothing but the clothing on their backs just hoping that America was what they hoped that it would be. In American we have a lot of problems with illegal immigrants crossing our boarders and coming into this country illegally. The IRS is doing everything in its power to send these immigrants back to the countries that they belong to because these immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans and are adding to the population. Mexico is the country that most of these illegal immigrants come from because they are without money or work and they cannot take being poor and the way

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