The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream The American Dream has been described in many different ways by many different people. In my opinion the American Dream is where where anyone can go to America and achieve there dream, by having there dream job, dream and plenty of money to spend on whatever they want. One example of someone who has achieved the American Dream is Whoopi Goldberg. We know this because she is now famous for many things, one being an actress. We know this because she has been in many films, her first one being ‘I’m Not Loosing My Mind, I’m Giving It Away’. Although this was her debut her career kicked off when she played ‘Celie’ in a film named ‘The Color Purple’. We know this because was her break through because she was nominated for the ‘Academy Award for Best Actress’. Whoopi achieved the American Dream because she was a very confident person and believed she could do it! There are many things that can prevent people achieving the ‘American Dream’, one of these being education, we know this because unemployment for those with a degree is 4% whereas for those who dropped out of school it is 16%. This shows that if your education isn't great you will struggle to find a job. Therefor you will find it harder to achieve getting your dream job. Another factor that can prevent you from achieving the American Dream is housing. This can prevent you from achieving the dream because if you are homeless the unemployment rate is 27%, meaning it is very unlikely to gain your dream job. There are a few groups of people that may find it harder to achieve the American Dream and a lot of this goes down to racism. One group that may struggle to succeed are the blacks we know this because in 2013 the black family income was $34,218 where as for whites it was $55,530, this shows overall blacks earn less money there for they find it harder to invest in things to

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