The American Dream Essay

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Page Prof English Th April 2014 Uniona Offer Workers Benefits In Todays Economy In todys economy American Labor unions still offer benefits to the workers which result in improvement of their quality of life, cultivate hrmony between employers and workers, stabilizie and create job security, guarenee saftey in the workplace, give workers a voice on their job, secure higher wages, pensions, health insurance and sick leave, offers opportunity for workers to enjoy the fruits of their labors with higher paying wages, Although unions have been declining in the past couple of decades and don't have the power that they once had they are still a mighty presence when negotiating under the collective bargining process. They continue to secure the highest wages across the board in all the trades for workers. The higher wages demaned by the unions trickles down and raises the wage scale for the non-union workers as well. Non-union employees continue to avert employee efforts at unionization by raising their wage scale to match that of the union workers in hopes of curtailing the chance of them joining the unions. Big companies such as Wallmart actually have "union busters" that travel from store to store educationing and holding special training for the store managers on corporate policy and disigned to prevent unionization as well as specifically how to treat employees that are the organizers of any unioniztion efforts within the store over which they are the managers.lfre Marshall studied unions nt presented evidence of his findings in 1990. He presented clear and concise non disputable evidence that showed clearly that unions raised the wage rate by approximetly 20% and unions raised compensation of benefit packages by nearly 28%. The increase of 20% in the wage rate equates to almost $3.00 more for every hour worked. That is $120.00 more

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