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Mariya Chakalova, 2003406 – Gothic Writing & Film English Philology, 4 year How is social inequality represented in Mary Shelley’s novel and Kenneth Branagh’s film? Consider the character of Justine in the novel and the film! “Frankenstein” is written by the English novelist Mary Shelley. It is considered to be one of the greatest Gothic Romantic novels. The novel is about a creature that is produced from a scientific experiment. It is a fantasy about what would happen when science and greed are combined to create a man. The story begins with letters of captain Robert Walton to his sister. These letters are an essential part of the story in which Walton tells his sister the story of Victor Frankenstein. He is sailing to the North Pole. Unfortunately, the boat gets stuck in an ice, hundreds of miles of land. In those letters, he tells his sister that he wants a male friend to keep him company. Later on, Walton and his crew find a man, who is travelling in a sled that is pulled by dogs. They decide to take the man on board. Once, the man has recovered, Robert Walton begins to talk with him. From a long time, the man does not talk, why he is crossing the Arctic all alone. Meanwhile, he decides to share his story with him and he begins his story, by telling Walton about the beautiful life that he enjoyed, which is one very long story. Now, let’s continue with the first question, which is: How is social inequality represented in Mary Shelley’s novel? Social inequality in Mary Shelley’s novel – “Frankenstein” and in Kenneth Branagh’s film is presented in a different way. In Mary Shelley’s novel, women are ignored. Let me give you an example. Victor’s mother – Caroline dies of a fever very quickly. Justine is put to death for the murder of William. Elizabeth corresponds through her letters to Victor. On the other hand, the women in the novel do

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