The American Dream Essay

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Becoming successful has been the dream of many Americans from the moment they set their short and long term goals. The American people want to achieve a successful career. A career determines social status, class, and income. For one American, becoming a lawyer and retrieving high income throughout his life may be his idea of fulfilling his American dream. After all, a successful career can provide for much more than the basic necessities in life, however, earning a high income may well not likely be another American’s dream. This person’s goal may be to become an elementary schoolteacher. A career that is not highly paid but that does provide satisfaction and success to the worker. Regardless, the American dream has nothing to do with the amount of income one can acquire throughout his lifetime but rather it is achieving success. Anyone and everyone can develop into a successful person, permitting that the person achieves their own personal goals. One must also understand that freedom and the American dream go hand in hand. The term was used because the United States is a place where freedom reigns above all. In this country, one may open their own business or even spend a year without working if he or she pleases. It all depends on the desire of the person. The freedom given by the country is what inspires everyone to live the American dream. Everyone is free to fulfill their life as they desire and to find their own interpretation of success. Immigrants have migrated consistently to the United States because of the freedom given to all of the citizens and residents. For many people, gaining freedom alone is the American Dream. For the citizens, freedom is part of the American dream. Lastly, controlling one’s own life is vital to living the American dream. From the day the person is born, he or she may decide, on his own, their destiny. A

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