The American Dream Essay

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The American dream or the American nightmare. The case about the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman has been called the biggest trial of this century in America. The interest of the media did not concern the victims as much as the main prosecuted, O.J. Simpson, the greatest football player in the United States throughout history and the sports hero of the entire nation. The case contains all ingredients of what some would call the American Dream, while others would call it the pseudo-event of the century in the United States of America. The black O.J. Simpson is the essence of the American Dream: He came from the big city’s worst slum-district, he was weak as a child but fought his way out of the temptations of the ghetto and criminality, became famous as running back and became a multimillionaire and every American boy’s idol. Then he married the white divinely beautiful Nicole Brown, who he was married to for 17 years. The result of their marriage was two kids, who are described with the often-misused word beautiful. The background of what the Americans call the most mentioned double murder in history is the following: The 12th of June 1994 some neighbours find Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend or lover Ronald Goldman killed in a pool of blood outside Nicole’s house in Los Angele’s sophisticated suburb Brentwood. They are brutally stabbed to death with several stabs from a knife, for instance Nicole has almost had her neck cut over. The spotlight points directly towards O.J. Simpson, who doesn’t have an alibi at the time of the crime. The media’s question is unanimously: Is O.J. capable of killing out of jealousy? He cannot be traced, but a few days after the murder something happens on Larry King’s live show on CNN, which becomes a crucial significance for millions of viewer’s interest in the case. Larry King is interrupted

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