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American Culture Essay In America, the idea of the “American Dream” is a huge hope for a lot of people. However, the American Dream of Generation Y is quite different than the Baby Boomer generation’s dream. No longer is it the standard “Two-story house, white picket fence, husband and wife, 2.5 kids, a dog and a cat” dream. How the hell do you have 2.5 kids, anyway? The American Dream of today is not so definitive. Our dream today is to achieve that which makes us happy and fulfilled. For some, their “American Dream” may be to spend a year months of their life hiking the Appalachian Trail. For others, the dream is to one day become legally married to their same-sex partner. Still another person’s dream is to pursue fame and wealth accompanied by nothing but a guitar, fedora, and a bongo. For close to fifty years, the American Dream has stayed in its original form. Up until the new Millennium, it was common for people to dream of one day owning that picture perfect home. For someone to say that they didn’t want to take a spouse was absurd! Spurred on by TV shows such as “Leave it to Beaver” and “The Brady Bunch”, the traditional American dream was a much sought after, albeit rather unattainable, goal. These sitcoms left people craving life in these picture perfect towns, families, and communities. In today’s society, the American dream seems to be a rather obscure idea rather than a concrete way of life. During a conversation with a man once, I discovered that his American dream was to hike the Appalachian Trail alone. The man had never been married, never had any kids, and lived in a small studio apartment in Flat Rock. His biggest goal in life, the top of his “Bucket List”, was to hike that famous trail from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. He had no desire to be married or have any kids. Recently, I received a letter from him saying that

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