The American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War Victims: A True Story of the Civil War shows and brings a specific dimension of the Civil War alive. The book takes a look at the harm the Civil War has on small community in the Appalachian mountain region. President Lincoln viewed the southern Appalachia as a military operations base because he considered them to be both loyal to the north, as well valuable territory to have as a location. This region, which includes parts of Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee was a big part of Civil War politics and strategy. This territory was shown to be not nearly as valuable a territory as once seemed both in political and logistical aspects pertaining to how well the people of the area received them. But for the Confederates this was just the case as well, as the residents of the area became restless because of the unfair conditions that the Civil War was bringing upon them. This is exactly the area that Shaw Paludan begins his base point with a story of the massacre of thirteen Unionist mountaineers at Shelton Laurel, North Carolina. These were members of the very simple mountain town, where family and their actions affected everything within the town. Paludan described this exactly, “juries in county seats could and did ignore the law and evidence to acquit or convict people they liked or disliked, people whose values or whose kin they did or did not respect.” So when the war began Paludan explains that, "the Unionism of Western North Carolina of which we heard so much during the war...was less a love for the Union than a personal hatred of those who went into the Rebellion. It was not so much an uprising for the government as against a certain ruling class," so the people of the mountains used the war as an "opportunity that the war brought to revenge old debts and to loot, plunder, and terrorize." This was

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