The Amazing Grace Kozol Summary

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The Amazing Grace: the Lives of Children and the Conscience of a Nation by the legendary author Jonathan Kozol just might me the greatest book I’ll ever read. It was such an experience. The way Jonathan Kozol wrote the book was incredible. It’s like I was with Jonathan Kozol himself in South Bronx. He really took me and my fellow classmates on a journey. This book has definitely changed the way I look at life. After reading Amazing Grace I sometimes feel unthankful and time to time I feel a little guilty. I live in a society where mostly everyone is well fed, well secured, live in a safe environment for the most part; receive free education until high school then have opportunity to go to college and receive education by knowledgeable and…show more content…
Last but not least, I couldn’t stop reading so I read the In Memoriam section as well. What I read in those few pages was the most sadist things. Majority of the people were young people. Most of them had a great future a head of them and they were all victims of something they had never done. For example: “Robert Robles, 16 years old, … shot by mistake while walking through a playground near the school” (Pg. 255). I found it so sad that 16 years old died by mistake on a playground. It is so depressing read about this events. And sadder thing is that it’s happening today and yet no resolution is coming along. After reading this book I think that the future of children is improving. There are more schools opening everywhere and education system is improving so many lives everyday. Also the health care system is also improving and it provides many benefits to children all over the world. But I do think that as long as children have education, they will live happy and healthy lives. Education will teach them how to be independent. By education they’ll have a voice in the society and they will get their voice
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