The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay Essay

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The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay Questionsv 1. When Sammy and Joe first begin to chronicle the adventures of the Escapist in 1939, the public’s perception of comics reaches its zenith as it begins to respect comic books as a newfound form of entertainment that is just beginning to display its possible influence in this culture. Despite starting as an art form “nothing more than reprint digests of the more popular strips” and the following “drop-off in quality”, the comic book soon becomes “more splendid than its modern descendant” by 1939. This is mainly due to the great affect that the introduction of Superman has on the American public that expects something of lesser value, as the character effectively expresses “the lust for power and the gaudy sartorial taste of a race of powerless people with no leave to dress themselves” and arrives “at precisely the moment when the kids of America began, after ten years of terrible hardship, to find their pockets burdened with the occasional superfluous dime” to leave such an impact (pages 74-78). Subsequently, the advent of Superman and society’s nascent esteem for comic books serve to make this emerging form of media an outlet for all of the fears and desires of the public, allowing the comics to become reflections of what those reading them value most and, therefore, granting comic books a greater importance in the people’s minds than mere distractions from reality. On the contrary, the way that Chabon portrays comic books implies that their presence in the public’s mind ingrains them as vital organs in the collective thought process of society, which serves to directly influence the immediate impulses and reactions that American have to the all-too-familiar circumstances that permeate their everyday lives. Joe most obviously displays this effect with his amplified hatred of Germans following the initial issues

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