The Altruistic Hero

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The Altruistic Hero Essay #1 March 4, 2009 Essay #1 Throughout history as a society, specifically America, we have been taught subconsciously to follow and admire the “altruistic hero”. This hero is traditionally identified as the trusted leader of the movement to a greater good. In addition this hero is displayed as having a higher sense of pride and respect for himself and even more so for the society in which he/she inhabits. The altruistic hero is born with an inborn quality disparate from the mediocre and less individualistic minds that compose the majority of society. However, without the presence of these hero’s that play an immense role in the preservation of American society, our beliefs, traditions and the meaning of life as we respect it would be quickly compromised. In the movie Tombstone this altruistic hero was shown to be a key player in the preservation of the community. However, the altruistic hero took the form of 4 cowboy’s who were born with an individualistic and courageous attitude that believed in the purity of human coexistence. When the cohesion of human cooperation was threatened these hero’s took swift action; necessary to protect the ones that were less mentally and physically secure to sacrifice what they knew was best for the greater good. Throughout the movie Tombstone, the protagonist’s integrity was constantly challenged. The antagonists who consistently threatened the community’s synergy were not conducive to a greater good, working towards the total control and downfall of the community . However, the “hero’s” were operating towards a goal of
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