The Alternate Gunpowder Plot Essay

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The Alternative Version of the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 Final Version The Gunpowder - How did the plotters get it? The gunpowder involved in the plot was very deadly, which was why it was controlled by the government and locked firmly in the Tower of London. This raises the question on how the Plotters got hold of the Gunpowder… There was certainly some fishy business going on regarding the weapons and armour as the Gunpowder was controlled by Robert Cecil – Could there be an inside man? Although perfectly probable I myself find it unlikely that a highly respected person would supply so much Gunpowder; Firstly to Catholics who he despised and Secondly because it would threaten his position – Why would anyone on Earth ruin a relationship with the Monarch of England, possibly a friendship between the families for centuries to come! So this means that surely there are other circumstances. Could the Catholic Plotters have got the supply of Gunpowder from abroad? Certainly because there were many people who despised England (Now the UK), due to their problems with religion. Many of the European countries were Catholic, and were not happy with James’ decision for the Church of England, Could Spain for instance have supplied the Plotters with the Gunpowder? During that time period there were not many forms of transport except from a Ship, is this how they smuggled it into the country? Unfortunately this theory can be disproved again! A ship showing the Catholic Flag to England carrying over 2Tonnes of precious goods must have been ransacked by Pirates – They must have been spotted along their journey. This is also in favour of Cecil’s theory; Plotters stole Gunpowder in 1604 from the Tower of London. The records from that year were torn from the book and they have never been found! Did Fawkes and his clan do this? Were they responsible? Did they remove the evidence?

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