The Allied Victory Essay

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THE ALLIED VICTORY Stalin asked Roosevelt and Churchill to open second front in the west THE TIDES TURN ON TWO FRONTS Churchill wanted Britain and u.s. to strike at north Africa and southern Europe but stalin wanted them to attack france. The north African campaign Battle of el alamein- german and british in Egypt. Rommel vs. motgomery (monty) Operation torch- allied forces landed in morocco and Algeria, Dwight d Eisenhower The battle of Stalingrad Hitler sent 6th army under paulus to get oil fields in Caucasus mountain. Battle of Stalingrad-luftwaffe bombed nightly but Russian winter made hitler surrender The invasion of Italy Conquered sicily, found Mussolini and hung him in Milan after germany surrendered THE ALLIED HOME FRONTS u.s. produced weapons and equipment mobilizing for war 17 to 18 million had war industry jobs Automobile- tanks typewriters armor piercing shells 35 mph speed limit to save rubber and gasoline War limits civil rights “alien enemies” internment camps far away from coast. Most from Hawaii and west coast VICTORY IN EUROPE Allies built up secret invasion force in Britain to attack germany in france across the English channel The d day invasion Operation overlord- Planned to strike on Normandy French coast Dummy army to attack French seaport Calais American british French and Canadian forces liberated france Belgium and Luxembourg Saint-lo where allies punched hole in german defenses- u.s. 3rd army The battle of the bulge Hitler hoped victory would split American and british forces, and break up supply lines Fought in Ardennes Germany’s unconditional surrender Berlin- hitler married eva braun and killed themselves 6 years of fighting, won may 9th Diwght d Eisenhower- “sun rises and sets” “uncle ike” people skills VICTORY IN THE PACIFIC The Japanese in retreat Leyte- macarthur “people of

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