The Allegory of the Light Essay

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The Allegory if the Light Greatness is a discovery by one who discovers the light. Lost in a world with no light, filled by darkness; A cave. Malcolm X spent a number of years of his life bound by darkness, unable to grasp the idea of knowing; Knowing beyond the walls that block the truth, and the mentality of one who has been robbed of awareness. Living by illusions and not by reality Malcolm X will abandon ignorance and reach the light of knowledge. As Plato’s play “The Allegory of the Cave” the man in the cave knows only of darkness. And so, as the chained man was compelled to leave the cave, Malcolm X was compelled to enter further into this enlightenment. As the play “the allegory of the cave “by Plato explains the discovery of this new unknown world by a man in cave, it also parallels to Malcolm X, ”Learning to Read”. The man in the cave has been shackled to other men his whole life, in the dark, unaware of the outside world that is full of light. The man only see’s shadows, which are made by the burning fire behind them. He believes the shadows to be real because it is what he knows, and it is what he grew on . Malcolm X imprisonment does not begin in Charlestown Prison. In fact, throughout his life he has been blinded by lies only to say that his mind and spirit has been shackled and locked up in the darkness of ignorance. Malcolm has grew to know that what surrounds him Is the truth. Just as the cave man thought that the shadows were real, Malcolm could not see what really lied beneath the shades. With all of the time on Malcolm’s hands, he decides to read. His desire came from his jealousy of his friend Bimi. It motivated him to invest in becoming a better writer, and he also desired to extend his sense of vocabulary. He creates a type of hunger for knowledge; He has a thirst

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