The Alchemist Persuasive Essay

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Some people think that traveling to far places will not make you happy, but we should be willing to travel to places to achieve great happiness. Two reasons why we should be willing to travel off to far places to become happy are that you can experience new adventures and fulfill your personal legend. First, one reason you should travel off to far places is that you experience new and exciting adventures. On Santiago's journey, he met many people, where one of them was the Alchemist. The Alchemist acted like a teacher, where he taught Santiago not through words but by action. He also roamed across the desert, where he spoke to the sun and the desert. Also, towards the end, Santiago made it through the desert where he saw the beautiful pyramids there, taking in the scene and what he had achieved. There will be many dangerous things waiting throughout your journey. However, these are the challenges that taught us to become stronger and braver during the roughest times. Surely, we should travel around the place, to just know that we did something exciting and fascinating in our life to be happy. Next, another reason to travel off to far places is to fulfill your dream. Through Santiago’s adventure he faced many challenges and dangers, but with his will and courage, he overcomes the obstacles. At the end, he was glad that he fulfilled his Personal Legend and that he was going back to Fatima. Some people, like the crystal merchants, have dreams that they want to achieve, but he always imagines that he would be disappointed if there journey would be a waste if it came to the end of something that they are not looking for. Therefore, they might feel discouraged that they didn't try to reach for their dreams and feel sad that they didn't do what they always wanted to do. Surely there are a lot of challenges that will be difficult when you go to chase your dreams, but
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