The Alamo Movie Analysis

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THE ALAMO There have been many movies about the historical events that occurred in the Alamo and The Alamo (2004) is another one of them. This movie has a somewhat of a distortion of the historical events, this is because the traits, mannerisms and the importance that some of the characters are given are inaccurate. Also the place where the battle was fought is faulty. Another reason that made this movie imprecise was that it was one sided. There are also smaller details that are harder to notice, but that are also inaccurate. Although this film has some incorrect historical events, it also has some accurate ones too, for example: the costumes and the weapons that were used by the Mexican soldiers and the Texans. One of the historical…show more content…
For example: when Crockett first plays his violin to the crowd, the song is "Listen to the Mockingbird" (The Alamo, 2009), not composed until 1855, 19 years after the fall of the Alamo. Another one of these details was the part that shows Sam Houston paying for a drink with a coin carrying Santa Anna's portrait, which was not possible because Mexican silver coins of that era showed a liberty cap. Even though these details could have been used to make the film more interesting, they were still inaccurate. Although this movie had some inaccurate historical events, it had some that were precise, for example: the costumes that were used in the film were all correct. The uniforms worn by the Texans showed their order and ranks and the Texan settlers were dressed in mountain gear and other items that were commonly work by frontiersmen at the time. The weapons were also very accurate and the way in which they were used was also correct. The use of hunting equipment, riffles, and knives was common among the frontiersmen, whereas as the Mexican forces carried unified firearms. “The fight at San Jacinto was also inaccurate because Houston’s real strategy was to wait until the afternoon to attack so that the sun was glaring in the Mexicans’ eyes. This was his key to defeating the Mexicans. Houston caught many of them taking siestas, especially the officers. None of this is
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