The Aims of the 1820's and 1830's Revolutions

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The aims of the Revolutions. The aims of the 1820 Revolutions: * Naples – 1820. * A Constitutional Monarchy. * A one chamber parliament is elected so that the King – King Ferdinand – would not be able to allow restrictions of freedom of speech restrictions. * The King would also not be allowed to leave his people in poverty. * The Constitutional Monarchy would also allow the lay people of the parliament have a say in the decisions made. * None of these aims were radical. * Sicily – 1821. * Freedom from Naples. * Sicily became fed up of being the ‘abandoned child’ of Naples as Naples took all her wealth. They thought it wrong that they should be connected as they felt no need for a leader from a different island to their own. * Own constitution. * Allowing her to make up her own mind on how she wanted to be governed. * Piedmont – 1821. * A Constitutional Monarchy. * Led by Charles Albert – second in line to be king in the House of Savoy. Charles was believed to be a liberalist and that he would be the royal that led Piedmont to form a United Nation. * To lose Austrian Dominance. * Become ‘Kingdom of Italy’ and to have an Italian Federation. The aims of the 1830 Revolutions: * Modena and Parma – 1831 * A Constitutional Government. * Wanted to make Duke Francesco King. * Francesco then deceived the people and fled to Austria to plead for help. * Papal States – 1831. * A Different Government. * They did not want to be led by the church because the church had become ruthless and
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