The Aging Connection: Video Analysis

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AGING 1 The Aging Connection AGING 2 After watching all four videos I found two of particular interest. I am a forty eight year old African-American women. I could relate to the elderly man in the video, Pinetop Perkins (95) at Notodden Blues Festival 2008. I grew up with many relatives of a certain age who sang in the church. I saw first hand their vitality when it came to their musical expressions. The second video, Older Adult see Benefits from Tutoring Young Children, also touched…show more content…
Their aches and pains temporarily eased by the comfort they received by being with people their own age with similar aches and pains. And a similar background. They have all known and lived by each other all of their lives. I remember they would seem to be the happiest on Sundays. Mr. Perkins singing the blues evoked my memories of those times. The second video, Older Adults See Benefits From Tutoring Young Children is a perfect example of the Age Stratification Theory. Demonstrating that many retired volunteers are giving back by doing community work. Tutoring these young underprivileged students helps to keep seniors physical, alert and involved. These folks reported, they are constantly challenged. All important to aging healthfully and AGING 4 productively. These seniors exemplify the stratification of a social class which they are afforded the experience of volunteering. Making a difference in their life along with the children's life. I enjoyed the interaction with the very young and the very old. In summary, I feel as a society we do have a strong connection with the…show more content…
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