The Ages Of The World Essay

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“The Ages of the World” and Their Divine Characteristics The multitude of races that inhabited Ireland had gods that exhibited human traits although immortal. In “The Ages of the World” the reader is presented with a plethora of examples of their divine as well as human characteristics. I believe there are similar but not equivalent individuals that exist with some of these characteristics in modern times. There were six ages of the world that originally inhabited Ireland and they each have distinguishing events and characteristics. In the first age of the world, the first race occupied Ireland, led by Ladhra. Ladhra was the first to die in Ireland and soon thereafter the land was consumed by a flood and left Ireland uninhabited for…show more content…
Along with the many accomplishments came some problems such as disputes that led to the first duel and first case of adultery, which involved Partholon’s wife. The third age of the world consisted of a race of people led by Nemed. After the Nemedians occupied Ireland, they too made improvements to the quality of life there. The Nemedians formed four more lakes, built two forts in an effort to protect their people from the Formorians, and brought in sheep, which flourished on Ireland’s fertile soil (Rosenberg 371). The next divine race that invaded Ireland was in the fifth age of the world, which was the Tuatha De Danann. The Tuatha De Danann’s loyalty and determination were unwavering in their decision to remain on Ireland soil, never to retreat. Therefore, once they arrived the soon burned all of their boats, which left them no choice but to remain in Ireland forever. The Tuatha De Danann was separated into two groups: the gods and the non-gods (Rosenberg 372). The gods had the supremacy, intelligence, and special gifts, whereas the non-gods consisted of the farmers and general workers in Ireland. The Tuatha De Danann gods also learned the craft of magic. “Their wisdom, their magic, and
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