The Age of Under Statement Essay

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The Age of Understatement: Technology and the Changes It Brings (Multi-Source Research Essay, Final Draft) Ahmed Alghamdi Southern Illinois University at Carbondale LING 102 Daniel M. Tucker The Age of Understatement: Technology and the Changes It Brings Every day we hear about new technological improvements, which sometimes it makes me wonder what is coming next. As human beings, we question everything we experience or do, and of these questions, we ask ourselves: does technology make our life easier or harder? In this essay, I weigh the pros and cons of the accessibility technology is providing us with. Further, I question how the, social media and the information availability through the internet we have nowadays, how does these things changing our life? Are we better off without it? Although, technology is making learning things is easier such is learning a new language through the internet, or educational tv shows. However, technology sometimes could affect us negatively. Nowadays, the changes on people lives come from their surroundings, and what they can see with their eyes. Therefore, sometimes we need to be able to control some of the things we see in the media or through the internet, and make sure not to make it cause a change in our behavior. In this essay I will analysis the effect of the technology in our behavior, and the negative effects of this valuable good. In my perspective, technology improvement is making our life easier, but it’s making human beings lose their intelligence. Let us compare the past and the present. Nowadays, any anyone can look up information on Google and find what they are looking for, but in the past, people used to look up information by reading entire books at a time. Yet, what is the difference between searching for information on Google or in a book? The difference is
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