The Age of Innocence Review

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The Age of Innocence Section 1 “"The persons of their world lived in an atmosphere of faint implications and pale delicacies, and the fact that he and she understood each other without a word seemed to the young man to bring them nearer than any explanation would have done.” This quote is from Chapter 2 and it is on page 14. One of the things that attracts Newland to May Welland is the fact that they came from the same background. He feels that common background brings them closer together. It is also part of what makes Newland feel that May is the perfect woman to become his wife. Section 2 "He shivered a little, remembering some of the new ideas in his scientific books, and the much-cited instance of the Kentucky cave-fish, which had ceased to develop eyes because they had no use for them. What if, when he had bidden May Welland to open hers, they could only look out blankly at blankness?" This quote is from Chapter 10 and it is on page 73. The quote talks about how Newland has always dreamed of being able to open May’s eyes to the world. He had wanted a wife he could mold, which could be done by introducing her to things that were important to him, such as art, travel, and literature. But he realizes that May isn’t the type of woman who would want to change. He also worries that May will turn out to be exactly like her mother. Section 3 "There were certain things that had to be done, and if done at all, done handsomely and thoroughly; and one of these in the old New York code, was the tribal rally around a kinswoman about to be eliminated from the tribe." This quote is from Chapter 33 and it is on page 296. The people of New York came together to say goodbye to Ellen before she left for Europe. May has done pretty much everything to protect her marriage with Newland. She knows he will not leave her once he realizes she is pregnant. May gathers

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