The Aftermath Of Pearl Harbor

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The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor U.S. History from 1877 to present Date Comments The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor 1 Abstract The bombing of Pearl Harbor was a way to get the United States involved in World War II, or it could have been due to the greed of Japan who wanted control of all of the Pacific area or the Japanese could have just been a pone in Hitler’s mission to take control over the world, any case, during the aftermath so many actions took place. Were these actions for the better or worse, was all the killing and destruction necessary, in the resources used for the research the answer to the question is yes. The research that is presented below will give a clear understanding of why individuals made their choices and whether they would be for the betterment of all concerned. You the reader can be the judge if the actions that took place improved the world or if it crippled it. The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor 2 The Aftermath of Pearl Harbor Introduction On December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attached by a fleet of Japanese Planes. The Japanese mission was to destroy the American’s entire main fleet to move them out of the Pacific. The Japanese plan was to hit the Americans with three wave strikes, one sea and two by air. The attack started, at 7:50 am. After three hours of torpedo and bomb attacks, 20 war ships and 150 aircrafts were destroyed along with battleship row and 2400 Americans were killed. In the aftermath of this attack American soldiers began with the cleanup of Pearl Harbor and the president signed a declaration of war. With Germany being the root cause of the world’s problem at the time and behind the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Americans knew that they had to come up with a plan to end this war and to protect the country from being attacked again, and also defeat the one enemy who caused so much devastation to

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