The After Effects of Native American History Essay

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Native American literature is passages written by native authors who use words to express their emotions onto a physical medium. These emotions mentioned ranges from anger, confusion, disbelief and much more. Some of the passages we will mention are written by Native American authors such as Gloria Bird, Simon Ortiz, and Lawana Trout. Throughout the last few centuries Native American people have been suppressed and taken advantage of for their land or resources. When being suppressed the people who are getting affected by these issues does not speak up because they are powerless at the time being. Nowadays many Native Americans are coming out and speaking up about the tragedies they faced when they were younger or reiterate stories that were passed down to them through oral narrative from an older family member. The authors Bird, Ortiz, and Trout all expressed how they felt when they were facing the situation themselves and eventually wrote about it to express their experience to the world. The act of being silenced is a simple, but powerful act that suppresses people’s ability to express their emotions. The passage “Breaking the Silence” written by Gloria Bird, is about her perspective as she witnessed the events of how colonization affected her family’s relationship with each member. Bird starts the passage off by referring to two other Native American authors who both wrote “We were never meant to survive” (Bird 29). The statement set a very grim tone for the remainder of the passage. The feeling after reading the statement gave a very cynical outlook to what Bird had experienced. Colonization in this passage was the process of converting Native Americans to becoming regular English speaking Caucasian society with similar beliefs as well. The process included a church in every tribe and bordering school for the children. The process of taking a child away from

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