The Affects of Social Networking on Teenager Essay

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"Think back to your teenage years. How did you normally communicate? Back in the Dark Ages when I was a teenager, I communicated with my peers face-to-face, by telephone, passing the occasional note in class, and reluctantly, by writing a letter. How do today’s teenagers communicate in the digital age? One difference, of course, is that today’s “private” communication exchanges can often be seen by the whole world, allowing the chance to comment on the exchange, and creating a permanent record of the exchange. A recent survey, Social Media, Social Life: How Teens View Their Digital Lives, A Summer 2012 Common Sense Media Research Study attempts “to complement existing research with a broad, quantitative snapshot of how U.S. teens experience the role of social media in their social and emotional lives.” The survey results are summarized below. Not surprisingly, the survey found that almost all teenagers in this country have used social media. Nine out of ten 13 to 17-year-olds have used some form of social media. Three out of four teenagers currently have a profile on a social networking site, and one in five has a current Twitter account (27 percent have never used Twitter). Facebook dominates social networking use among teens: 68 percent of all teens say Facebook is their main social networking site, compared to 6 percent for Twitter, 1 percent for Google+, and 1 percent for MySpace and 25 percent do not have a social networking site. For the vast majority of teens, social and other digital communications media are a daily part of life. Two-thirds of teens text every day, half visit social networking sites daily, and 11 percent send or receive tweets at least once every day. In fact, more than a third of teens visit their main social networking site several times a day. One in four teens is a “heavy” social media user, meaning they use at least two
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