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The role of the gods and goddesses in the Aeneid The book of the Aeneid is a very interesting book in many aspects, been one of them the relationship among the main character Aeneas, the goddesses and the gods, even though the book of the Aeneid was writing by Virgil which work was commissioned by the emperor Augustus Caesar (63 B.C – 14 C.E), to serve as piece of propaganda for the empire. And although there is an underline political intention with this text, there are other topics in the book that the author spends a great deal of time in order to get his message across to the educated audience of the time. At the beginning of book after the Greeks take possession of the city of Troy, it is clear that in order for Aeneas to become the leader of the Roman people he must have throughout his journey the intervention of the gods and goddesses. And this idea is first communicated to him by his wife Creusa hours before his leave her and the city of Troy, “Nothing here has come to pass except as heaven willed” (Aeneid 60.1009). These are very important words that at first can be overlook by the readers. But after a closet analysis this message from Aeneas wife it encloses the main idea behind this work of literature, which is founded on the idea that the Roman people came to existence because the gods will (Jupiter). And the objective of the main character (Aeneas) was to found the Roman empire, in other for the Romans “to rule Earth’s peoples – for you arts are to be these: to pacify, to impose the rules of law, to spare the conquered, battle down the proud” (Aeneid 190. 1152). Therefore, Aeneas without a doubt was a leader that had as mission to create the Roman Empire, but he journey that awaiting him ahead will shape him to become the hero of his people. Even though the merits of his own action are accredited to him, it is also clear that for the job that is

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