The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Essay

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Understanding by Design: Teaching Nadine Gordimer’s “Once Upon a Time” Through the Use of Technology Eileen Montalvo EDCI 718 Learning Technologies Dr. Talab Kansas State University May 14, 2008 Understanding by Design Technology Template Eileen Montalvo Dr. Talab Eileen Montalvo Dr. Talab Learning Technologies May 14, 2008 Rationale: The Use of Technology in Teaching Emancipation Literacy Language arts, at the secondary level, has become awash with standardized tests—tests that districts use to show that they have met an arbitrary standard of “excellence” that does not manifest itself in equitable admission rates of minority students into colleges, nor into any other significant social change. In essence, as a minority teacher, I am fully aware that standardized tests, used as the only measurement of “excellence” does nothing more than propel the status quo. It is my personal mission that my role as educator encompasses more than propelling illusions of success. I have never felt that it is my role to “save” my students from the grips of life; rather, my goal is to “empower” my students to be critical thinkers—learners of not textbooks, or simplistic strategies, but of the

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