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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain Pages 1-70 Summary The book starts out kinda funky. The narrator (Huck) informs us of another book we see him in known as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The story ended with each of the two characters recieving $6,000 dollars a piece. This leads on to a whole other conflict a few chapters later. Widow Douglas is introduced as she adopts Huck and tries to make him into a civil person. Huck is a little bit of a rebel and decided to run away to be himself I guess. Huck returned home after being convinced by Tom. Tom Sawyer told Huck that if he went back to the Widow and did everything he was told then Huck could join the gang of robbers.The author play swith Hucks rebelious and quite childish side. Twain illustrates the confusion of praying before meals and how most children won’t actually know what it means or the purpose for it. Huck talks about how the Widow “grumbles” over every meal. He loses interest in anything that is from the past. While the widow tried to teach Huck about Heaven and Hell, Huck mentions he would like to go to the “bad” place for the change in scenery. For he doesn’t see the purpose in going to the “good” place. All of this action and some occured in the first chapter. Chapter two brought the sneaking out to form the gang. On the way out Huck trips on a root in the Widows garden and Miss Watson’s slave Jim hears them. After they escape Jim they take a boat out to a cave. There they form “Tom Sawyer’s Gang.” A while after the night they snuck out, a rumor is spread that Huck’s ‘Pap’ is dead. Huck is relieved unitl he finds out that it wasn’t his father and is worried he’ll find Huck soon. All the boys in the gang quit after a month due to the lack of activity. A few months go by, Huck makes some progress in school and begins to adjust to his new life. One morning he found boot track near

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