The Advantages of Different Modes of Transportation Essay

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The advantages of different modes of transportation Today, transportation is extremely important and essential to human life. It is not only moving vehicle but also trade exchanging facility of people in the world . So, the development of a country is always associated with the development and variety of modes of transportation. If any nations of the world want to gain a steady development, there must be a transporting system with a full of modes and international standards. Based on the operating place, modes of transportation are divided into three main categories: land, water and air. Land transport is the most popular form of transport and has the largest volume of transport. It consists of three smaller types are railway, road and pipeline. including the advantages of transport by rail are transport many heavy goods more go away with fast speed and low cost. The stability of rail is relatively high and not be trafic jam. Besides, road has many outstanding advantages such as convenience, high mobility and the ability to adapt to different terrain conditions. Road will achieve high economic effects when transporting in the short and medium distances, so it can meet the diversified demands of the customer. The pipeline is primarily used to transport crude oil and petroleum products. For that benefits, land transport is the most common form of transport in the world. Whereas land transport gets dominations by the utility and flexibility, the transport by waterway can carry goods further. Thanks to water transport, the heavy bulky cargo will be transported from the continent to the sea or from the country to other countries by seaway. Mostly, it transports crude oil and petroleum products. Because of transporting the heavy goods go away, the volume of rotation is greatest. Besides, the cost of the repaired machinery is relatively low. So far, this type of

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