The Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in State Universities Essay

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The advantages and disadvantages of studying in state universities University is the place where young people go to get higher education. It’s the second place where they go after school. But in first they must decide where they want to go. And most of them choose state universities. First advantage of studying in state universities is that with higher education people can find better job in the future. And, of course, in the good job they can earn enough money for pleasure life. Second advantage is that people can get a free education. Its good thing, especially if people don’t have enough money to pay for it. Looking in their life in university, people have chance to be around all types of people and its opens their minds to new things. They can find new friends and get fun time with them. But state universities have their disadvantages too. First, there is no guarantee that people will get free education. In most universities are just few free seats, so not all people can get it. The problem is that not all people have enough money to pay for their education. Second disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that you will get really good job and will earn a lot of money. There is not enough practice for students, so they most learn from lectures and books. To sum it up, it’s worth to study in state university because you can get free education; also, it can open all opportunities for the future, you can meet new people. But the success belongs from each person and just he can to earn and reach the top of the hill of his
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