The Advantage of Furthering Your Education

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The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Plato Look to the Classics, History, to the Arts, for there is truth. Look away from the systems, the processes, the techniques. - Charles Guggenheim The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life. - Plato I am thirsty for knowledge. I am currently attending college at Phoenix University. Twelve years ago I made the decision to go to college and not finish. Since then I have received a trade in Phlebotomy, and a License in Lab assistant. I have attended two universities because of the lack of patience - wanting the fast way out. I have not accomplished my main goal. Time flies by really fast. I will succeed at this attempt. The challenge is what keeps me strong where I am weak. Having a good support system balances it all when you feel you can’t, cause you can! Attending college can be a big decision to make for many people. Choosing to go to college can become a headache. College is somewhere everyone someday will want to explore. However the traditional setting experience is supplemented by the interactive experience online. Financially it can be a strain, at least in the beginning. The escalating cost of higher education is causing many to question education beyond high school. Seek options to help with the cost of schooling. Once/ when you graduate and get the job of preference, your college debts will fade away as if a distant memory. There are many reasons so many young people choose not to attend college. Some can’t afford it. To many the thought of attending college directly after high school , becomes too much. They just want to breathe a little, the thought of school has become exhausting. All the assumptions of going to college are normal feelings when trying to make a decision to attend. College broadens your ability to analyze
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