The Advancement Essay

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Why Not Advancement?Why Not Advanceme Why Not Advancement? Advancement Thinking An examination of chapter seven in our book will reveal the major problems that are found in the process of advancement thinking. To find out what is wrong with a worldview, we must first establish what a correct worldview should look like. Bush points out, “That the correct worldview is the one that does not contradict, misunderstand, or deny any part of reality."[1] This sounds simple enough, but as Bush points out in his book, it is quite impossible for the advocate of Advancement thinking to achieve. I believe the most noteworthy aspects of Bush’s ideas on this subject pointed out in the book are the end of inevitable progress and the modern misunderstanding of true love. Bush points out that the idea of inevitable progress is “a central tenant of advancement thinking”[2], and I believe he is correct in his assessment of what the modern concept of human progress actually is. It seems to be widely accepted today that advances in scientific understanding and technology somehow imply that we are advancing as a species. What is not recognized by many today is the rise of what Bush describes as “existential despair.”[3] Throughout recent history we have benefited from a multitude of medical and technological developments that have made life more physically comfortable. However, we have discovered that creature comforts do not equal happiness or progress in and of themselves. Bush also points out the perversion of the term “love” in the context of Advancement thinking.[4] Love is touted as extremely important in today’s culture, but is reduced to the subjective feelings and emotions of the individual. Often we hear of people falling in and out of love as if it were not a matter of our own free will to choose to love or not. It is no longer a powerful verb of

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