“the Actions of Hitler and the Nazi Party Are the Most Important Factors in Explaining Why Hitler Became Chancellor of Germany in 1933.” How Far Do You Agree with This View?

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In the years leading up to when Hitler became chancellor the German government was in a constant state of limbo. Governments were ineffective due to parties being reluctant to work alongside each other. There was a global financial meltdown. The German peoples were becoming more and more cynical of democracy and if it could ever work. When the stock market collapsed on Wall Street in October, 1929, it sent financial markets worldwide into a meltdown this was tragic for the German economy. The German economy was vulnerable because it relied on loans from America and exports to fuel it. German workers were laid off. Along with this, banks failed. Inflation soon followed making it hard for families to purchase expensive necessities with devalued money. In the failed Beer Hall Putsch in 1923, Hitler had tried to overthrow the Weimar government by force illegally. He now was to build an opposition government which would one day come to power and end democracy in Germany. Hitler gained support from German industrialists and upper middle class societies. Hitler used his talent of public speaking to rally more support for the Nazis from the voting public. At this time the pressure of the depression meant that the Weimar government was beginning to tare. Hitler advertised the Nazis as an alternative to the ineffectiveness. Stresemann, German Foreign Minister, had died in October 1929; he had helped to rebuild the economy after WWI. The depression meant that each party had their own ideas to fix the huge problem that the country faced, in the Reichstag was made up of many parties and no one had a majority. Meaning very few policies passed through. In March 1930 Bruening was appointed chancellor. He went to President Hindenburg and asked him to rule by article 48. The Reichstag was dissolved and elections meant that Hitler could rally support for the Nazis. Hitler gave
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