The Acoustic Guitar Essay

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Davidson County Schools Table of Contents Overview of the North Carolina Project 3 North Carolina Graduation Project Transition Plan 4 Selecting a Topic 5 Proposal Letter Form and Samples 6-9 Mentor Contract 10 Plagiarism and Misrepresentation Contract 11 The Research Paper 12- 60 The Product 61- 68 The Self-Reflective Portfolio 69- 82 The Presentation 83- 91 Overview of the North Carolina Graduation Project The North Carolina Graduation Project is a culminating four-year project that allows students to demonstrate independently their proficiency in conducting research, interacting with experts in the field, designing and completing a product that emerges from the research, compiling documentation of the process into a self-reflective portfolio, and presenting their research to a panel of community members. The student: • Will select a student-generated topic. • Will make sure that the topic offers sufficient depth to reflect extensive study and research. The proposed graduation project must be approved by the academic advisor and the student’s parents. • Will produce a product that shows evidence of knowledge gained in completion of the research paper. The quality of the product should reflect a minimum of fifteen hours of work. • Will select a topic that does not require a large financial commitment for the student which has no bearing on the evaluation of the graduation project. • Will develop a written proposal to be approved by a team of academic advisors prior to beginning the project. • Will select and research a topic of interest, develop a research paper, and complete a product that is reflective of the graduation project topic. • Will write, speak, solve problems, and use
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