The Accidental American Summary

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The Accidental American Book Review I was born in Palo Alto, California June 21, 1989 and I am Persian. My parents came here thirty years ago with my older sister when she was two. I am American born but because my parents and many of my family members moved here from Iran, I feel strongly that immigrants have every right to be here just as someone born here does. The United States is one of the most diverse countries in the world. The Bay Area is filled with millions of different races. Being raised in this area, I have had friends with different backgrounds and because of this I feel like I’ve become a very open-minded and mature individual. Without immigrants and their children following, our country would not be as diverse as it is today. However, due to the racism of our past and the still occurring racism today we haven’t become one community. After I read the…show more content…
The author tells a story of Fekkak Mamdouh, a Moroccan-born waiter at a restaurant in the World Trade Center. On 9-11, his life confronts some conflict with the new critique of the current immigration policy. He describes how he and the other immigrant food industry workforce had to overcome divisions after 9-11 and create the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York in order to fight for jobs and equal treatment. I feel like this story is extremely important because it illuminates not only the racial conflicts within current immigration, but also the cultural and economic aspect of it. There needs to be better treatment of immigrants and the labor system. The immigrants went from being victims of 9-11 terrorism, to targets. I really enjoyed reading about Mamdouh’s experiences. I think it’s important that every high school makes this apart of their readings. I think it will open up the minds of students to how immigrants live day to day
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