The Abuse of Power Essay

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What personality trait do leaders like Todd McFarlane possess that distinguish them from other individuals? Successful people like Todd McFarlane generally possess a positive "can do" attitude, having self-confidence, and a drive to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. They do not become easily discouraged, leaders like Todd McFarlane pick themselves up quickly when they go down, if something does not work out the way they planned it you can be sure there is somewhere else to start. Leaders like Todd McFarlane possesses personality traits such as self-confidence, and need to achieve attitude. Todd had the determination to accomplish his life goal, and even though he faces some disappointment, and was knock down a couple of times he never give up. Because of the traits that Todd possess he didn’t seem to get discourage easily, he portray the attitude, as give me lime and I will make lemonade, or give sand and I will make sand castle. His self-confidence attitude help him to make good decisions, instead of crumbling, when he did not get the opportunity to play professional sports he went on to do something that he loves. Even though people did not believe in his passion, and love for comic, he did not care what people think, he peruse it anyway. He was confident that he can make something big out of his drawing. He knew there was something special about it, at that time it was hard to see, so he was determine to bring it to life, and he knew he had to get it done, because no one would do it for him. Todd was confidence that he could do it, and that’s what he did, he took on the challenge with a can do attitude, boldness and self-confidences His need to achieve was so high that he was determine to make it, he work hard, he took responsibility, and he stayed focus on what he was doing until it came up and running. How have global competition and

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