The Absolutely True Diary Of a Part Time Indian

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The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 1. What do you think is the author’s purpose in writing this novel? As you mull over this question, what do you think is the central conflict in the novel? How is it resolved? Did you find the conflict and resolution believable? Explain. “I was half Indian in one place and half in the other.” The dilemma faced by Arnold Spirit is emphasized by this quote. Traveling between Reardan and Wellpinit, Arnold feels like a “stupid” outsider. In my opinion, the author’s purpose in writing this novel is to reveal how Arnold leaves behind the life with which he is familiar and engages in fitting in a different world. I think this novel comprise both external and internal conflicts. The external conflict is the obvious contrast between the cultures of the white town and the reservation. Unlike other Indians living on Spokane Indian Reservation, Arnold transfers to Reardan, a rich, white farm, where he becomes the sole Indian in an all-white school. Reardan is the opposite of the reservation. However, with effort, Arnold manages to reconcile his life in Reardan and on the reservation. Although sometimes Arnold also lies and plays some tricks, he works hard to prove himself, to gain respect and to make friends. It’s a big challenge, but well worth the effort. On the other hand, the internal conflict is the difficulties of creating Arnold’s own autonomy while being faithful to his tribe. Arnold refuses to give up but at the cost of losing his best friend and being considered to betray his tribe. I don’t think this conflict can be resolved only through Arnold’s hard work; it also relies on others’ understanding. I’ll never forget what Rowdy says to Arnold, “You’re an old-time nomad.” It seems Rowdy finally forgives Arnold but I think Rowdy has never really get mad at Arnold. They’re truly best friends. 2. Which character do you
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