The Absolute Abolition of the Use of Pennies

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The Absolute Abolition of the Use of Pennies: The use of pennies used in today's generation has become more of a bother than a necessity. The time has come to finally remove pennies and find a different type of money that will not be a drag to carry around. This does not necessarily mean that there should not be a one cent, but just change the appearance. The penny throughout the years has become useless due to changes in modern society and has also more of an inconvenience than a benefit. It is common to find a penny behind the couch, under the refrigerator, of behind the bed. As stated in the article "Abolish the Penny" (source C), the U.S Mint keep sending out millions of pennies in a month. It is a waste to churn these coins because where they are mostly found is in children's piggy banks or scattered all around the house. From personal experience, it is quite aggravating to find pennies filing up a wallet or inside a purse. It is useless in everyday life, and seems as if nobody will ever rid society of these coins. The penny has many fans that will do everything possible for them not to be banned. Others, as stated in the article "Penny Pinchers" (source B), are annoyed by the pesky coin and are seen throwing them into the garbage or tossing them into a machine that convert them into paper money. That seems as a practical way to get rid of them, but why should citizens who do not use coins have to pay an additional fee in order to convert their coins into paper money? People who are against the ban of Pennies are most likely praising something they barely use. Many politicians such as U.S representative Kim Kobe had announced his anti -penny bill, but have failed to go through. Instead, Ex-president Bush was interested in changing its physical appearance on Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday, as stated in the article "President Bush Signs
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