The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

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In Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, he seeks to implore the reader to change how they lead their lives. In this book Dr. Covey describes seven different habits that we should take on to become more productive people in business and our personal lives. Covey writes about how we have the power to change ourselves and adapt to become stronger. The habits are designed to make a person think differently and be proactive. It is in these habits that can be acquired that make a person a stronger leader. Dr. Covey has spent over twenty-five years researching personality ethics. His habits have derived from research from those who have made changes in their lives, great leaders in our world. He exams how they have become self actualized and risen above difficult situations in their lives. Some of his research comes from his own observations and speaking with those that have attended his seminars. He also uses some of his own personal experiences to show how the habits can be effective and make a difference in his own life. The habits that are described by Covey are as follows: Be Proactive, Begin with the End in Mind, Put First Things First, Think Win/Win, Seek first to understand, then to be understood, Synergize, and Sharpen the Saw. It is within these habits that we have the power to change; the habits are the tools to become stronger leaders and clearer thinkers. The habits are supported by his opinions and research, to do the opposite of the habit is described in negative terms. The first habit “Be Proactive” is about taking initiative and to focus on what we can influence and stop focusing on the things we cannot change. In each of the habits described Covey shows what is needed to change our habits and what the consequences are of not changing. How not thinking differently can negatively affect our lives.
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