The 7 Deadly Sins Of Ceos Essay

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Recently I read an article called the Seven Deadly Habits of CEOs by Ray Williams. In the article, Ray concludes that unsuccessful CEOs all have the following bad habits: 1. They see themselves and their companies as dominating their environment. 2. They identify too closely with the company, losing the boundary between personal and corporate interests. 3. They are obsessed with photos, appearances, and publications in which they represent the company. 4. They always rely on past achievements. 5. They underestimate obstacles. 6. They always think they have the right answers. 7. They eliminate anyone who is not completely behind them. Among these seven bad habits, I think the last three are the most critical ones and every executive officer must pay attention to them in order to be successful. Underestimating obstacles Being the CEO of a company is many employees dream. Once become the CEO of a company, a person can have the power to make almost all executive decisions. Some CEOs maybe too pride of themselves and they may underestimate the difficulties that they are facing. Eventually, they find themselves in tough situations. When my organization was doing the organization component of the mid-term exam, one of the VPs underestimated the difficulties of the task and his subgroup did not do a practice exam on their own. During the first half of the exam, everyone were just sitting there and doing nothing. Eventually, with the help of our CEO and other subgroup, they were able to complete the exam on time. In the above example, the worst possible outcome was the subgroup got a low score on the exam. However, in the real life, if CEOs underestimate obstacles, the companies they work for might have to shut down. Always think they have the right answers Although CEOs jobs are to lead the organizations,

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