The 5 (State) Constitutions Texas Has Used Since t

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2. Identify each of the 5 (state) Constitutions Texas has used since the one that established the Republic of Texas and why Texas needed (or needs) a new constitution. The constitution that established the Republic of Texas in 1836 was a sign of Texan’s declaration of independence from Mexico. Although it was adopted after Texas declared itself independent, it showed that Texas had the ability to govern itself and write its own constitution, with the influence of the U.S. constitution and that of some other southern states of course. The Texas constitution of 1836 promoted a unitary form of government which meant a very weak central government, due mainly to distrust of federal government by southerners. Since this constitution greatly resembled the Articles of Confederation, it was doomed to fail, leading the way to Texas Constitution number 2. In 1845 Texas prepared a second constitution that was going to allow Texas to join the U.S. Known as the Statehood Constitution of 1845, it was a state constitution that was very southern in style, but also had Spanish law influences. The southern style was that of, as mentioned in the first constitution, a distrustful people as far as government is concerned. Because of this distrust the constitution also limited executive authority by establishing the governors term of service to be 2 years and legislative sessions to be held biennialy. The Spanish influence can also be seen in the property rights given to the women and the communal property laws, which stated that women must be given ½ of the value of all property acquired during the marriage. The Statehood Constitution lasted till 1861 when Texas decided to join the Confederacy in the Civil War. In 1861 the Texas Constitution was changed yet again. It was basically the same as the Statehood Constitution of 1845 with the exception of a provision to secede from the

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