The 40 Year Old Student

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The 40 Year Old Student David Sedaris is a 40 year old man whom I think is brave for returning back to school after so many years, and he returns with the motivation as becoming “a true debutant” as the French textbook calls it. David going back to school is a good idea but he will have to get use to the French language because he only took a month long French class. On his first day of school David felt it was nerve-racking because he knew he would be called upon in class. David will only understand half of what the teacher is saying to the class. His influences for the other students are negative because he doesn’t really remember too much French. He even forgot how to pronounce the alphabets. David tries to adapt to the new environment by playing attention to the other students likes and dislikes. He also notices how aggressive and rude the teacher is to everyone’s response. When the teacher gets to David, he says how he loves IBM typewriters, the French word bruise, and his electric floor waxer. The teacher’s reaction made him think that his mispronunciation was a capital crime in France. David believes he have to the absorb to the abuse from the teacher. As the month went by David‘s teacher didn’t change she got worst, and they had to dodge chalk, and protect their heads and stomach when she came with a question. Since the teacher felt David was lazy he started to study four hours a night. David was determined to give himself an identity; maybe David the cut-up or David the hard worker. The teacher still didn’t change. She wanted nothing to do with his new identity so she still through words and actions at him. David became discourage which affected other around him. He started to have fears and discomforted since he wasn’t learning too much from his teacher. David started to avoid stopping for coffee and depositing money in his bank. David felt everything

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