The 1920's And The Lawless Decade

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It was the Era of Wonderful Nonsense, the Jazz Age, the Lawless Decade; it was the 1920’s. Although these labels can be very true, they can also be very misleading. The 20’s were a turbulent decade full of revolution, breakthroughs and change. There were many things going on in the 20’s. There was the eighteenth amendment, which outlawed the consumption and distribution of alcohol. Then, not too long after was the passage of the twenty-first amendment, which repealed the eighteenth amendment. It was a decade of opportunity for everyone. Women gained the right to vote, African-Americans were also achieving things that society wouldn’t have let them achieve before. Overall, the 1920’s were a decade of prosperity, normalcy, change, and…show more content…
Murder/robberies were not uncommon during this time, so this didn’t get much more than just local attention. A few weeks later, Sacco and Vanzetti fell into a police trap that was set to catch the people that were suspected to be involved in the Braintree crime. Although Sacco and Vanzetti were not the ones originally under suspicion, they were carrying guns at the time of arrest. When they were questioned about it, they lied. These events were to mark the beginning of one of controversial political trials of the century (Sacco-Vanzetti Case 1). Nicola Sacco and Bartholomeo Vanzetti were both anarchists. Sacco was born in Torremaggiore, Italy. He immigrated to the U.S. when he was just seventeen years old. He got a job at a shoe factory in Milford Massachusetts and learned the trade of shoe edge-trimming. He was married and had a son, then settled down in Milford. He seemed to be forming a stable and secure life. Bartholomeo Vanzetti was very different from Sacco in many ways. Vanzetti was a bachelor and wandered very much. He was born in a town called Villafalletto and moved to the United States in early adulthood. He, like Sacco, found work in the States. He served as a kitchen helper in New York and several other jobs in the Boston Area. This is where Sacco and Vanzetti met. The trial for the robbery/murder in South Braintree was held in Dedham. As the trial progressed, it became more and more complex. A man by the name of Fred H. Moore was the one who managed Sacco and Vanzetti’s Defense. After and extremely grueling 6 weeks of cross-examinations, evidence, listening to witnesses, and closing speeches, the jury had found the two guilty of both murder and robbery. Sacco and Vanzetti were given the

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