That Was Then, This Is Now Essay

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What is a Ranch? A ranch is a place where you can have animals. The doors wide open allowing animals to move in the fenced off regions. Some horses in one area, cattle in another. Children’s roan around in their assigned place. There are also some goats making their typical weird sounds. There is a rode drive way where the truck is always parked too. When we are on our way to the ranch it’s all amazing. The mountain looks enormous, the grass looks green, and you can feel the fresh air when u passes by the river. When the truck touches the dust road it feels like if you where riding a horse. We always stop on the river to take some pictures. The sand touching your feet feeling warm like if you were on desert sand. The animals on the ranch are funny and sometimes annoying, the pigs running on the mud, the horses drinking water, the chickens doing their weird noise, and of course the dogs taking care of the ranch like if they were the securities. All this kind of animals for me I think they’re very smart, and very different. If I had a ranch my main animal would be the horse. The people from the ranch are very nice and fun. Some children at the age of 8, they’re already know how to ride a horse. My uncle teaches me how to ride a horse at the age of 7. My favorite part is when my uncle makes his horse dance. The horse goes side to side to the rhythm that my uncle gives him. When my grandfather ride his horse he looks amazing. At the end my uncle, my grandfather, my brother and I go ride a horse to all the way to the beach, and we come back when the sun is going

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