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Syriani 1 Wasseem Syriani English 110 Prof. Gangel, Susan 1/31/2015 That Room Essay “That Room” by Tobias Wolff, talks about a young man who is working as a farmer during the summer. Series of events happen to them while they were drunk that could’ve altered his and his friend’s life forever. The use of Symbolism in “That Room” by Tabois Wolff is huge. The summer work, the moment Miguel pulls out a gun, a deadly weapon, and The Room all symbolize the fear, tension, hostility and confusion that was felt by the narrator. The narrator wants to become an adult so he decided to take a job. “Having a job like this changed everything. It delivered you from the reach of your parents, from the caustic scrutiny of your friends. It set you free among strangers in the eventful world… else” (Wolff, pg. 176). The narrator believes in getting a job he would gain his own independence, so he can do whatever he wants. He…show more content…
“Miguel stared at me over the pistol and resumed his complaint, entirely in Spanish” (Wolff, pg. 178). It is clear that Miguel is intoxicated and incomprehensive, as he points the barrel towards the narrator that is sitting down right in front of him, the narrator becomes scared to death. That room signifies the fear, tension, hostility, and confusion that was felt by the young man. The narrator had become scared for his life when Miguel placed the gun on the table. He saw his whole life pass right pass him, Tobias’s symbolism of the room is a literary symbol, because the significance of the room is only evident and is not widely known or accepted by society. “That room – once you enter it, you never really leave” (Wolff, Tobias). This quote shows that when you’re entering any room you do not know if you’re going to make it outside or not, and that how one specific event can affect and potentially change a person’s

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