That People Spend Most of Their Time in at Work Essay

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This article mentioned the problem that people spend most of their time in at work. This not only refers to the European but also refers to other nations. In case, there are some European that working too many hours in a bad environment. That may be particularly vulnerable to unhealthy working conditions. Therefore, we need a solution to solve this problem, such as flexible work need more schedule. Summary and analysis of some research in this article, we can see that a lot of evidence about the dangers of working too many hours in the week. Firstly, in 2003, Sid watkins who supposedly died because he used too many medication to deal with having to work 100 hours a week. In 2005, the law firm Peninsula announced that, there is more than 80 per cent of employees working more than 60 hours a week and 70 per cent of employees only slept 40 hours. Moreover, ths article show UK and europe are leading with list of working hours. The European is 40.3 hours per week and UK is 43.6 hours per week. Secontly, many nations in the Europe such as UK, Germany, France or Ireland, working conditions for many hours is that problems with the doctor. According to a study in 2002, a doctor have to work 80 hours per week in Germany and 56 hours per week in UK but they worked more than the limmit hour that the government given. In addition, the study are also give the avidence that 24 hours without sleep is equivalent to 1.3 pro mille of alcohol intake by 0.5 pro mille of alcohol is permitted limits while driving. Thirthly, about 26 per cent of workforce in the UK that is working more than 45 hours pper week. This is extremely dangerous because according to the study if working more than 45 hours a week long, it will affect health and your mentality. There are many reasons why they have to work so much and the specific cause may be due to the nature of the profession. such as a doctor

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